Why do I really promote wellness?

When I was in high school I worked at a fitness center. I’ll never forget Charlie, a 62-year-old man who had lost his wife to cancer and been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. Charlie was told he could expect to suffer slight paralysis and potentially need a wheelchair, but Charlie wouldn’t let his diagnosis define him. During the four years I worked at the fitness center, I watched Charlie daily ride the bike and lift weights. After two years, he shared with me his story of the pain he had endured, but most importantly how his daily exercise had suspended his disc degeneration and held off any side-effects of the disease. Not only was Charlie an inspiration to his friends and family, but to me as well. He lived out the truth that we cannot be defined by our circumstances. There will be pain in our lives, but there is also hope.

My wife has been dealing with hyperthyroidism since 2012. Since then, we have exhausted efforts to find a treatment plan that doesn’t result in early death, transplant or removal of an organ. Read More