When Life Gives You Lemons..Make Lemon Water!

American culture has molded, pressed, shaped and skewed our reality to meet Hollywood expectations. We have been inundated with compelling marketing ideas like you can become slim in 90 days, seemingly unhealthy foods can be healthy, genetically modifying natural foods is for the best and worst of all, there’s one magic pill that works for everyone (like eliminating gluten, grains or dairy). Here is the reality; life has given each person a different “lemon” when it comes to physique, diet, or genetics, and there is nothing wrong with that! Instead of worrying about fitting into the mold, we should focus on cultivating and illuminating what makes you, you.

My name is Eric Mueller, Wellness Director for the Heartland Health & Wellness Fund, Father of two great boys and husband to a beautiful wife! I have spent the last five years studying, experiencing and sharing what I could on eating well, living a balanced life and nudging the changes that make a difference. Through this blog, my goal is to empower you with resources and support to navigate the challenges life throws at you.

There are six dimensions to wellness

Join me as we walk through the six dimensions of wellness and together, let’s figure out how to make the most out of this precious life given to us to fully live. Walk with me as we discuss a well led life..