Wellness in 5: 5 ways to get ready for Spring

Show of hands: who’s sick of winter?

In anticipation of the coming warmth and growth that comes with it, here are 5 ideas to help you take full advantage of this great time of year:

  1. Get out of hibernation mode

Time to shake the dust off! Many of us have had a long winter of evenings filled with Netflix and hot tea or cocoa while sitting under a blanket. Now is a great time to get mentally prepared to be more active and involved. Set aside time to mindfully sit and make goals for what you want to accomplish this spring, and create sub-goals to use as benchmarks on your path to springtime success!

  1. Plan to get active

After a long winter, a little physical activity will feel great. Check up on local recreational sport leagues and plan to get involved. Many softball leagues, running clubs, and pick-up soccer and basketball games welcome new members in the spring. By signing up for a rec league, you’re more likely to feel accountable to other people to show up, and are therefore more likely to follow through on your exercise goals. It’s a win-win!

  1. Start your garden

Those of you who garden probably don’t have to be reminded of this. For those with a green thumb, planning a vegetable or flower garden is a highlight of early spring, with all the fun of imagining how beautiful it will be, and how tasty the veggies will be! Those of you who have never tried gardening before – give it a shot! There’s no reason you can’t start small. Raising one or two tomato plants from seeds will give you a sense of accomplishment, you’ll get to know first-hand how delicious garden-fresh vegetables can be, and you’ll get a real sense of pride when you’re able to use the fruits of your labor (literally!) in your own salad or recipe.

  1. Get some sunshine

Daylight saving time is here as of March 13, and the days are getting noticeably longer! The sun will rise an hour earlier, giving us an opportunity to get active earlier in the morning. That morning run or walk won’t feel like you’re creeping through the dark anymore, so take advantage of it! Not only will your body appreciate the exercise, the Vitamin D that we miss out on in the winter will also be a welcome addition.

  1. Spring Cleaning

Many of us agree: cleaning is no fun. Many of us can also agree: having a clean place to live is great. Therefore we need to go through one to get the other. The best way to tackle spring cleaning is to just do it. Schedule a time for you and your roommates, bestie, partner, spouse, kids, and/or everyone else well in advance to power through it and get it done. Be sure to put it on everyone’s calendar. Make up a chore list, split it up, and tackle it. Turn it into an event, complete with party music, fresh air, and peoples’ favorite foods, and you’ll be done before you know it.  When it’s over, everyone is going to feel so much better.