Everything in Moderation: The Problem with Overeating Healthy Food

“Meden Agen” is inscribed at Apollo’s temple at Delphi. This translates to “Nothing in Excess,” or as we understand it: “Everything in moderation.” Even nearly 2500 years ago, people understood that you can have too much of a good thing.

Apparently we still haven’t learned the lesson, though, according to a study done by the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab.

According to the study, people associate “healthy” food with being unfilling, and in an effort to feel satiated, will often eat more of the “healthy food” than they need. This finding runs counter to the efforts of many people, who feel they are doing their bodies a favor by eating healthier options in an attempt to lose weight or be more fit. This overeating of “healthy food” instead contributes to further weight gain.

So what’s a wellness practitioner to do to help people keep from overeating their healthy food? The findings of the study indicate that when the healthy food is packaged in a way to enhance the message about the nourishing aspects of the food, peoples’ inclination to overeat was diminished.

To read the full study, click here.