Vaping: Know the Risks

While cigarette smoking is going down, vaping is on the rise, and Heartland is here to tell you the risks.

What is vaping?

Vaping is inhaling vapor from a device with flavored liquid inside, heated up into a mist that you inhale. There are several types, include smaller “e-cigarettes,” or larger, more powerful devices. Nicotine is the most common active ingredient, making it highly addictive. Some ingredients often found in vape liquid have been known to cause cancer.

Some like to inhale substances found in marijuana, including THC. Vape companies also use vibrant colors and flavors to appeal to younger buyers.

What are the risks?

The problem is that experts don’t quite know what the risks are yet. While vaping is advertised by some as a safer alternative to smoking, long-term tests aren’t finished yet. However, there have been some deaths and lung injuries linked to vaping.

There have also been unsafe amounts of metal found in the mist that vape devices produce. These metals come from the coils the device uses to heat the liquid. Breathing them in can cause lung, liver, brain and immune system damage.

Withdrawal effects of vaping are similar to any product that has nicotine. Cutting yourself off from it can cause yourself to become depressed or irritable.

Do be on the safe side, if you don’t vape, don’t start. Young adults, children and pregnant women should never vape. If you do vape, don’t buy vape devices or liquids off the street. Don’t change vaping devices, or add anything to them the manufacturer didn’t intend.Vaping