Super Rick

We all know Rick Mains as the mild-mannered financial guru by day, but by night, he turns into super re-modeler. With a chainsaw and shovel, Rick fights leaking hot tubs and dilapidated decks with a single blow. In early August, Rick heard the cries of distress from his family, and knew exactly what had to be done. With chainsaw in hand, Rick powered through fiberglass tub walls and dismantled his leaky hot tub depositing its remains into 50 manageable plastic trash bags, all hauled to the curb like yesterday’s news.

Next, our super re-modeler tore out the wooden deck surrounding the hot tub. Using the wood to fuel a family bonfire at his dad’s house, Rick knew this deck remodel was more than a “honey do” job, it was a labor of love. Rick is blessed to have both his parents and his wife’s parents live within one mile of their Tipp City home. Summer weekends for the Mains’ family consist of swimming in the above-ground pool and cook-outs when he hasn’t gone fishin’.

With all the debris kicked to the curb, on September 23, Rick took delivery from Menard’s of 30,000 lbs. of pavers, gravel and sand. Rick remarked, “They unloaded seven pallets into my yard and that’s when the fun really started.”

He first laid the gravel creating a bed for the pavers. Next, he set the larger pavers in a pleasing pattern. Not only did Rick labor on the weekends, but most weeknights, too. He has two bruised fingernails, numerous cuts and body bruises as battle scars proving his metal. As of press time, the end of Rick’s mission is in sight. He plans to finish the fight by Friday night and take a hero’s reward of a weekend gone fishin’.