Let LiveHealth simplify your spring

Girl using LiveHealth on bench
Spring and summer are busy seasons, so it’s one of the best times to use LiveHealth Online to schedule quick medical appointments over the Web. With LiveHealth Online, you can reach an available doctor from the convenience of a computer or mobile device.

What are some ways LiveHealth Online can help make spring less hectic? Check out some examples below.

  1. Diagnosing and treating skin illnesses like rashes or bug bites. By showing a doctor on LiveHealth Online the infected area and talking through what happened, you can get a diagnosis and treatment plan
  2. Answering your health questions. Ever had a health question you’ve always wondered about? Contact a doctor with LiveHealth Online and get those answers whenever you want them, wherever you may be.
  3. Diagnosing travel illnesses. When a medical problem arises unexpectedly during a trip, going to the nearest urgent care might be difficult or inconvenient. Try LiveHealth Online instead and get treatment advice wherever you’re staying.

Don’t let medical problems stop you from enjoying time with family and friends! Use LiveHealth Online for diagnoses, prescription help, answers to medical questions and more.