Heartland Wellness

wellness-passport-for-webOn January 1, 2017 you will have a new Wellness website where you can check to see if Heartland has received your Wellness Passport, learn if you’ve earned your incentive, access tools, resources, support and more.

  • Tools and resources that are easy to use:
    • A health assessment that provides a confidential health summary and personalized feedback
    • Health trackers to help you track your nutrition, exercise and weight management
    • Wellness calculators to measure BMI, calori burn, nutrition and more
    • Wellness calculators to measure BMI, calorie burn, nutrition and more
    • Action guides to help you plan and reach your wellness goals
    • Personal to-do lists to organize your wellness activities
  • Support to help reach your health goals:
    • Access to relevant, timely messages, activity feeds and information on your
      top wellness goals
    • Customized email or text notifications