Heartland Tips for 2020: Water Works

One of the simplest ways to maintain your basic health is to consistently drink water. Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the easiest ways keep yourself feeling great into the new year!

Body fluid balance

At its most basic level, water is simply meant to replenish any liquid that leaves your body throughout the day. Those fluids in your body are meant to help in digestion, absorption, the production of saliva and the maintenance of body temperature.

Essentially, you should simply have something to drink whenever you’re thirsty. While drink like water, juice, milk and coffee work, but avoid alcohol.

Calorie control

While water might not have any special weight loss effect, it can be a big help if you substitute it for higher calorie soft drinks. But it doesn’t stop at drinks: foods with a lot of water content tend to look bigger, take longer to chew and make you feel more full.

Those sorts of foods include things like vegetables, fruits, soups, oatmeal and beans.

Hydration helps your skin

While over-hydration won’t help wrinkles or lines in your skin, your skin contains a lot of water, and can start looking extra dry if you’re dehydrated. You can also help lock moisture in your skin by using lotions and ointments.