Heartland is Continuing Service Through COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Heartland Participant:

We hope that all are successfully dealing with the personal challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak.

At Heartland we are doing everything possible to keep our employees safe as possible and continue to serve you our participants.  At present we have systems in place to continue to provide all the services you are used to receiving from Heartland.  Our short term disability, claims, pension,  and customer service departments are fully operational.  We have migrated to a partial work from home platform and all departments are fully functional under this platform.

Once again we are committed to continue service through this difficult time.


Heartland Benefit Plan Administrators

We would also like to remind participants that COVID-19 tests are covered with Heartland, and telemedicine service LiveHealth Online is waiving its co-pay until May 31 for those who need to see a doctor without leaving the house.

Be sure to check out Heartland’s tips on how to stay safe from the coronavirus.