Fishy Findings for Pregnant Women

Research findings released by the American Journal of Epidemiology last month has concluded that the consumption of fish during pregnancy, especially fatty fish such as Tuna, has a strong correlation with bearing children with greater cognitive function.

The researchers studied 3,481 Spanish mother/child pairs between 2004 and 2008, tracking the mother’s consumption of various types of fish up to and beyond the recommended 340 grams per week, then tracking the associated child’s cognitive development.

The findings indicate that women who are in the highest quantile of fish consumers during pregnancy bear children with high cognitive function, as measured on the McCarthy General Cognitive Scale. In addition, children of mothers who consumed large amounts of fish during pregnancy also seemed to be protected against certain aspects of autism.

For now, the science seems to indicate that eating more fish is better during pregnancy, even beyond the currently recommended amounts. To read the study released by Oxford University Press, click here.