Eye Health and Safety Month

April is Eye Health and Safety Month. “Healthy vision is something we often take for granted until it starts to slip away,” says Eric Mueller, Heartland Wellness Director. “We want to encourage everyone to put themselves on a path toward a lifetime of healthy vision. Make an appointment for a dilated eye exam today with a VSP provider!”

Here are some tips to help you improve the health of your eyes and vision.

Get an eye exam

It’s important to be proactive, so schedule a vision screening as part of your health routine. Prevent Blindness America recommends having a comprehensive eye exam by age 40, if not earlier.

Eat healthy

A healthy diet makes for healthier eyes. Eat a diet rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids. This includes eating two weekly servings of fish, such as salmon and sardines. Dark leafy greens and broccoli are also excellent foods to incorporate into your diet.

Stay active 

Regular exercise reduces the risk of eye disease. While you’re out being active, make sure to wear proper sun protection, like hats and sunglasses. These are some straightforward, easy and effective measures that will go a long way in protecting your vision.

Learn more about dry eye syndrome

An estimated 4.88 million Americans age 50 and older have dry eyes. Of these, over 3 million are women and 1.68 million are men. Dry eye syndrome is classified as itching, burning and irritation in the eyes due to lack of tears to lubricate and nourish the eyes. Without proper moisture, dry eye can result in damage to the frontal surface of the eye and ultimately lead to impaired vision. Your best defense is to discuss dry eye with your eye doctor and stay informed of what your treatment options may be.

We encourage everyone to take care of their eyes not only during Eye Health and Safety Month, but all year round.