Eating Well, Staying Well

Finding the right diet as a man can be difficult. This Men’s Health Month, let’s change that.

According to WebMD, men often don’t get the amount of nutrients they need to stay fit.

“Many problems caused in part by nutrition are common to both men and women, such as cardiac disease, obesity, and diabetes,” according to the site.

Calories and protein

A big difference is in calories and protein. Men require more calories than women, and men who are on a normal workout routine need a lot of protein. Healthier protein options include poultry, fish, beans, nuts and lean meats. It’s also important to choose foods that are low in saturated fats, sodium and added sugars.

The United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a tool called “Choose My Plate” that allows users to map out their own personal diet.

While it’s easy to know what you need to do, following through is often much harder. Using Choose My Plate or other programs can help set up a plan that you can stick to.

Baby steps to wellness

Slowly wean yourself off your favorite foods and replace them with healthier alternatives. Taking baby steps might make it seem like progress is slow, but taking it a step at a time can help establish lifelong habits. Replace one food at a time, per week, or slowly begin to prepare meals at home.

Being realistic about your goals will help you build practical routines and habits. People who diet often set lofty goals, but at least at first, you don’t need to lose 40 pounds to see a difference. “Studies show that losing even small amounts of weight can improve overall health and, specifically, lower blood pressure, and blood sugar and cholesterol levels,” according to WebMD.

And of course, a good diet can only get you so far. Adding exercise helps burn even more calories and build strength.

Eat well and make time for exercise everyday, and you’ll start seeing results before you know it.