AIM Sleep Apnea

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The Sleep Apnea Program ensures that members receive sleep testing services in the most appropriate place for their clinical condition—usually right at home. Home sleep testing is a more
convenient, comfortable alternative to lab-based sleep studies when clinically appropriate. In many cases, the wait time for home sleep tests is shorter than for lab-based tests. Home tests can also be more affordable saving members hundreds of dollars.

How the Program Works:

  • Your physician’s office contacts AIM to request a sleep study.
  • Based on the clinical criteria your physician provides, AIM ensures that both the sleep study and the place of service are appropriate.
  • When home sleep testing is clinically indicated, AIM helps direct your physician to support this more convenient, affordable option.
  • For members whose test results indicate the need for treatment, AIM helps ensure that the most
    appropriate treatment is provided.
  • AIM works with the treatment provider to make sure members are using their sleep therapy equipment before authorizing additional supplies. This not only saves you money, it can help encourage providers to monitor your care and provide the support you need to ensure better health.

(Effective April 1, 2016)