Identity Theft Protection

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Identity Protection Services

We believe personal information should stay that way — personal. That’s why Anthem is taking industry-leading steps to help keep Heartland Health and Wellness Fund plan participants’ information safe by offering identity protection along with our health plans. All members who are active as of January 1, 2016, have identity protection along with their health plan coverage.

Here’s how it works:

  • Service is available for all Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield members with active medical coverage starting January 1, 2016, and continuing as long as the member remains active on one of our medical plans.
  • Services are provided by AllClear ID.
  • AllClear ID services include identity repair should the individual become a victim of identity theft, as well as credit and identity theft monitoring with alerts when accounts are opened in the individual’s name.
  • If you need assistance with identity repair, call AllClear ID at 855.227.9830 at any point while you’re an active medical health plan member for access to their investigating team to dispute or remove credit issues. You can also sign up for FREE credit monitoring services with alerts by calling the same number.

Individuals that have active medical coverage through Heartland Health and Wellness Fund’s medical provider, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield are eligible for the ongoing identity protection services along with their medical plan, which continue for as long as they have an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield medical plan.