LiveHealth ONLINE

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Now you can be at home, in your car, or on break and ask a doctor about a cough, ear pain, rash or other non-life threatening sicknesses. After a few questions through a video call, the doctor can prescribe medicine and send the order to a pharmacy. Heartland participants with medical coverage can visit a doctor 24/7 on their smart phone, tablet or computer for a *$10 co-pay with LiveHealth Online. However, medication cannot be prescribed in Alaska.

Using LiveHealth Online is EASY

Visit or download the app. Register using your Heartland insurance information.
Within minutes you will be connected to an in-network physician for a $10 co-pay.

  • LHO is not for emergencies, if an emergency call 911 immediately.
  • Controlled substances cannot be prescribed.


*$10 co-pay applies to:

  • LiveHealth ONLINE Medical
  • LiveHealth ONLINE Cuidado Medico
  • The Christ Hospital ezCare Nurse Practioner
    (not available 24/7)
  • Cleveland Clinic Nurse Practitioner
    (not available 24/7)

Co-pay not available for:

  • LiveHealth ONLINE Psychology
  • LiveHealth ONLINE Psychology for teens