10 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Mother and daughter1. Find the true meaning of gift giving

The holidays can be a time when we’re caught up in a flurry to buy! buy! buy! Many buy the most popular gifts on the market to prove their love for someone else. Instead think about making a personal investment in other’s lives. Before heading out to the shopping mall with credit card in hand consider the reason for the season.

2. Connect with others

Connecting with others is a good way to receive encouragement and restoration. Make plans, be bold and don’t wait to be invited by others. Isolation can compound depression and fuel the inner critic.

3. Create new traditions

If you are single or far away from home start your own way to celebrate the holidays. Invite others into your home and give a new meaning to the words “extended family”. Let go of past traditions that don’t bring you joy for the sake of “we have always done it this way”. Give yourself the gift of choosing life and celebrating the season.

4. Change your lens

Don’t focus on what you don’t have but what you do have. Take a moment to write down three things you are grateful for in your day. This exercise will help you change from a negative lens to seeing the blessings that also exist.

5. Set appropriate boundaries

The holiday season can be stressful when families are chaotic. Think about how to manage your time with your family by setting appropriate boundaries. Maybe this year you stay in a hotel if you travel to see your family. This can give you a place to gain perspective and reenergize.

6. Seek quiet time

Take moments during this busy season to refuel and connect with a higher power. Begin a new chapter by meditating, and letting calming music wash over you and encourage you. Set up a special place in your home where you are comfortable and can look forward to this quiet time.

7. Plan a Holiday budget

Be conscious the next time you use your credit card. Follow a budget in the holiday season. Buck the holiday system of excessive gift giving, and practice simplicity, creativity and human kindness.

8. Take care of your body

Eat well, drink a lot of water, exercise and then be merry. Get plenty of rest. Sleep deprivation is one of the roots of many people’s depression.

9. Invest in another life

The best insurance to a fulfilled holiday season is to step outside of yourself and give to others. You will find as you invest in others tremendous blessing can occur. Take time to work in a soup kitchen, visit the elderly or give a gift to a family that is less fortunate than you.

10. Give the gift of forgiveness

Forgiveness is the salve that heals a broken heart. Be luxurious with this gift this season. Forgive all kinds of people, those from your past, from work, your family and don’t forget to forgive yourself!